We Forgot We Were Human

Dirt Poor Robins

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Listening to Music
There are so many choices to make in life, yet I suck at making decisions. Do I prefer paper books or e-books? Do I want to have pizza for tea? Do I want to listen to music in a physical format (vinyl, CD, cassette)? Every day, I have that decision to make. Sometimes it's easy. […]
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Is This The Country We Have Become?
In 2021, the Trussel Trust handed out over two and a half million food parcels to families in the United Kingdom. This number doesn't even include the hundreds of local food banks that have become so essential for parts of the country. Hard to believe that our Prime Minister was saying the other day that […]
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What if...
I've spent the last few days watching the first series of For All Mankind. Yeah, I know it's been out for ages, I was kind of slow jumping on it, as usual. I thought it was an excellent story, a different take on the reality that America was first on the moon. Well-acted and stunning […]
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Brompton Sawdon - Author

Brompton loves books and is always willing to give a viewpoint on books that have been exciting or disappointing.

From the top of a tower, somewhere in the Pennine Hills, Brompton views the world though world weary eyes. Occasionally ranting or raving over something that may seem irrelevant to you but matters to Brompton.