The Source is a journey back in time to the very creation of life on Earth. A hunt for the fabled Garden of Eden. The book follows Ross Kelly as he tries to find this mythical garden, hidden deep in the Amazonian forest in Peru. His motive? To find something that will save his wife and unborn children's life.

I love books of this kind, but some of them aren't well written or have such fanciful plotlines that you end up frustrated in reading them. As with all writing there's an art to writing them. They get dismissed as 'Dan Brown' rip offs by readers who sneer at the content. That's a real shame because there's lots to love in this genre. So which side of the divide did this book fall?

The Source is an unmitigated success. The storyline is tight and the tension and writing doesn't let up from the beginning. I always know when a book has my full attention when I spend more time devouring the facts than usual. Michael Cordy has written a plot that whilst might appear farfetched, you want to be true. You really want Ross to find this garden that's been hidden away before the inscrutable priest.

There's a lot of real world objects, like the Voynich Book, in the storyline that add and excite the reader. I personally really enjoyed this book. It's a cut above the usual books in the genre. It was a real joy to read.

Brompton Sawdon

Brompton Sawdon is an aspiring writer who lives in the foothills of the Pennines in the UK. He has various works in progress at this moment of time and hopes to publish some of his stories in the near future.
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