In 2021, the Trussel Trust handed out over two and a half million food parcels to families in the United Kingdom. This number doesn't even include the hundreds of local food banks that have become so essential for parts of the country. Hard to believe that our Prime Minister was saying the other day that we had the fastest growing economy in the world. How can a country that has so many riches fail to feed millions of its citizens?

For a government that has been in power for 12 years, food bank use has gone from 83,000 parcels in 2010 to the huge figure it has now. It's heartbreaking to hear of such sad stories of families struggling in the UK now. Charities have been set up to help families get beds and sleepwear for children, to buy shoes and treats for those worse off. The sad fact though is that most of these families are working. The money they get from their low pay jobs isn't enough to stop poverty in the UK.

You could say that this conservative main success in the last twelve years is the stellar increase in food poverty. Now we have the energy crisis I hate to think what use of food banks will be in the next year. Already there's horror stories of older people riding warm buses all day and night to help keep themselves warm. What did our beloved PM say? He falsely claimed he was the one who'd introduced free travel for OAP's. A caring man indeed.

We're told every day that the government is doing all it can to help people, yet it's not nearly enough. We're told there is no money to help, yet there is money for new nuclear weapons. We're told that everyone is in the same boat, yet we have a government made up of millionaires. It's not that there isn't the money, it's a political decision to not help. They would rather keep wages low to help fat cat business owners make vast profits.

Link to Joseph Rowntree Report on Poverty in UK

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