From its creepy town mascot to the story of its cursed waterfall, Burden Falls is a small town dripping with superstition. Ava Thorn knows this well - since the horrific accident she witnessed a year ago, she's been plagued by nightmares. But when someone close to her is brutally murdered and Ava is the primary suspect, she starts to wonder if the legends surrounding the town are more fact than fiction.

Whatever secrets Burden Falls is hiding, there's a killer on the loose, and they have a vendetta against the Thorns…

Kat Ellis is rapidly gaining a reputation of the teen horror queen for her novels. After reading her latest work, Wicked Little Deeds (Burden Falls in the US), I can say it's completely justified. Wicked Little Deeds is an excellent teen horror book with a plot that Stephen King would be jealous of.

Set in the US the book focusses on Ava and the small town of Burden Falls. Ava is a 'bloody Thorn', once owners of the manor house along with its distillery. However, when Ava's mortal enemy moves into her former home things start to get weird. The myth of 'Dead-eyed Sadie takes on a whole new significance. Like all good horror tales, it starts to go downhill real fast.

Wicked Little Deeds is an excellent read. I devoured the pages inside a day. As the day went through its cycle, from light to dark, so the story did as well. A breathless read that grabs you from the start and takes you literally over the falls. It's a book destined to please teenagers that like their horror. Every book I read of Kat's seems to be more intense than the first. At first I thought this book was set in Wales. It set me in mind of a location I'd seen on TV of a bridge in a gorge with a waterfall below. My mistake though as the setting soon settled into one of those weird small towns so beloved by horror writers.

A real 5 star read. You must read this book.

Brompton Sawdon

Brompton Sawdon is an aspiring writer who lives in the foothills of the Pennines in the UK. He has various works in progress at this moment of time and hopes to publish some of his stories in the near future.
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