Deadly Secrets

October 1962

The World hangs on the precipice of annihilation. Russian weapons on discovered on Cuban soil. The world holds it’s breath as the United States squares up to Russia. It seems we are only seconds away from destruction.

Meanwhile in North Yorkshire, Tom and his Dad are facing life without Toms mother. Meanwhile the new early warning buildings are rising up from the moors above their home. Do they provide security or threat ? Threats seem to be both near and far and dark days roll across Tom’s world. His world has been turned inside out leaving him a short step from disaster.

As Tom’s Dad says “Everyones got to die sometime”.


  • Ahh, I loved reading this!! The prologue was very emotional, and the narrative stayed hooking throughout. Chapter four was so haunting in both the overall storytelling and the little details ('but this was a race I wanted Dad to win' is one example), and it was beautifully written! One thing I would suggest as an improvement would be to add commas or full stops in the dialogue, but overall the writing was excellent
    Jane Doe

Brompton Sawdon

Brompton Sawdon is an aspiring writer who lives in the foothills of the Pennines in the UK. He has various works in progress at this moment of time and hopes to publish some of his stories in the near future.
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