Books and Films

I guess this argument has been going on as long as filmmakers used books for their productions. Which is best, films or the medium that are based, books. In a way it’s easy for us to say books. As writers and readers, that medium is the one we turn to first. Films can never be […]

Reading Lists – useful?

Now and then you see in the media or online a list of books that are must reads. It’s usually the end of the year, looking back on the books released. Occasionally when the news is light, newspapers will print the list of books people should read. However, are they really useful, or just an […]

Why Reading is so important to a Writer

Reading other people’s writing is so important to the writing process. It’s one of the first tips I’d give a writer starting out. It really is the best way of picking up tips. For a start you’ll learn new vocabulary, new phrases that’ll better populate your works. The choice of words is so important to […]