There are so many choices to make in life, yet I suck at making decisions. Do I prefer paper books or e-books? Do I want to have pizza for tea? Do I want to listen to music in a physical format (vinyl, CD, cassette)? Every day, I have that decision to make. Sometimes it's easy. On the go, it's e-books, digital music. Pizza's easy, every night if I was allowed 😉

Music plays a big part of my life. It's literally the backing track to my life. I love collecting, be it vinyl, CD or even cassette. Come to think of it, I collect everything. Retro video games, vintage 'pre-loved' vinyl, Bandcamp CDs, vintage film cameras. You name it, I'm an addict. Market stalls, shops are all there waiting for me to pay them money.

So I've been a Spotify subscriber for a few years now. I came over from Google Play (sad they didn't carry on with that, the ability to upload your own stuff to the cloud was great). The other day, though, I got an offer from Amazon Unlimited music for a trial. It now offers HD and UHD playback for a quid less than Spotify does for SD. So I bravely cancelled my Spotify subscription and plunged into the Amazon.

Wow, for the first few days it was like I had lost use of one of my arms. The interface was clunky, my playlist were missing, I had to try to remember what I was listening to, rather than rely on Spotify to recommend for me. I found a way of transferring the playlists across automatically. Soon my music was on the Amazon cloud. I realise that it'll take a while for it to get used to my weird musical preferences, so am prepared to brazen it out for a while.

The selection is more or less what's available on Spotify, so no big losses there. I use Last.FM to keep a track of my listening history anyway, so using a scrobbler was quite easy. (150,000 scrobbles since 2010) I could also get a report of all my favourite artists, rather like an end of your YourSpotify. So I was happy all round.

So far it's going well. Because Amazon doesn't know me as well as Spotify, I've been re-listening to music I'd forgotten over the last couple of weeks. A touch of nostalgia never did me any harm. The quality is better, the price is cheaper, so what's not to love? I'll review it later in the year or when Spotify gets HD music. For now, I'm off to listen to Running Up The Hill by Within Temptation 😉

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