You'd think that in the middle of a countrywide lockdown that I'd find something more useful to do. All this time in front of me and I'm being the least productive than I've ever been. I should really be finishing my works in progress, yet all I seem to be doing is playing games and reading. Throw in a bit of cooking and that's basically how I've been spending my time.

I guess it's lack of focus, each day has become the same. Weekends blend into weekdays, weeks blend into months and I feel the life is passing me by. After a few years of self-isolating due to anxiety and depression I was coming out the otherside. Now I'm right back in there, anxiety keeping me from the great outdoors.

I really must try to structure my life. Perhaps I should set aside part of the day to writing, and stop playing those games so much? It's all down to self-discipline, I know that. Yet I find that whilst knowing these things I still carry on as I'm doing. A real conundrum...

I could be spending time developing new skills. I'm not talking about picking the guitar up again, or learning to bake. I mean developing skills that'll help me in the long term. I should be learning new web skills, trying out the new programs I've bought to replace Creative Cloud. Each day I promise myself I will. Each day it ends the same old way...

Today is the day everything will change. I have lots of ideas of doing constructive activities, some of which I'll explain in later posts. I need to set the schedule and keep to it. Stop browsing the news, where it only makes me feel more anxious. Life can change, I need to make it so. (sorry for the cheesy Picard reference)

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